Tri Deltas enjoy numerous exciting social activities every semester! We love to take a break from our hectic schedules to have fun with our sisters. We believe that the college experience must be well-rounded; grades, jobs, and volunteerism are all important aspects of our sorority, but but taking time to hangout with your best friends are important too! Our social events lead to some of our best memories. From getting ready together for a night out to dancing with each other at formals, Tri Deltas like to have fun!


Parking Lot Party – Put on your plaid shirt, cowboy boots & hat and be ready for a great night at the barn.
Semi Formal – Put on your best dress & bring a date, then get ready to dance the night away.
Spring Fling - We jump right into spring by getting dressed up in our favorite summer dress and dance all night until the sun goes down
Family Weekend – This is a weekend where our families can come together and enjoy Tri Delta just as much as us.